Movie Review: Ant Man

Ant Man, Marvel’s tiniest hero, is also it’s most underwhelming film (besides the Hulk films, which are now largely ignored by the franchise). While Paul Rudd does his best to win over the audience by providing Chris Pratt/Starlord-type charm, the movie falls short of the standard that the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has set in the past few years.
And Marvel seems to be aware of this, saving the obligatory Avengers cameo for a new and as-of-yet minor character. Furthermore, while the ability to shrink to a minuscule size and control ants provides for some wonderful and interesting visuals, somehow that ability seems like a step too far. And I say that in reference to a MCU where the God of Thunder regularly makes an appearance from another realm and where a very polite scientist can transform into an indestructible green behemoth.
This movie reminded me of the first Thor film in that it provided a lot of background and explanations for characters without a lot of meaningful story. Yet still the explanation of the villain was lacking and all of the danger really just hung its hat on the regular MCU hook of HYDRA.
In its plot simplicity and aloofness from the MCU it seems to have been aimed at a younger audience. Ant Man lost its original director and is the first Marvel outing without Joss Whedon somewhere in the background. As such it lacks the vision and seems to lack it’s own unique niche in a wider roster of good super hero movies.
The film and even the two hidden scenes don’t offer any meaningful contribution to the MCU and, unless you are a huge Marvel fan, it isn’t necessary viewing.
At the end of the credits the film promised that Ant Man will return. But unless there are some major improvements I don’t see the point.
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