My Athletic Adventures With Class Pass

When it comes to turning exercise routine from a chore to part of your everyday schedule, convenience is key. Having the ability to pick from a variety of classes, all over your city, whenever you want is the athletic gal’s dream. And thanks to Class Pass this dream is now a reality. Providing a monthly subscription to some of the best workouts in the city, Class Pass allows users to visit a variety of studios throughout Toronto for under $100/per month depending on which membership you choose! With over 100 studios all over the city, throughout the month of April I got to choose from a variety of classes, which include cycling, Pilates, yoga, strength training, dance, martial arts and more. To learn more about how you can sign up for Class Pass, visit them online HERE!

Want to see the studios that I visited? Here are my favourite studios I tried during my adventure with Class Pass!


I started my Class Pass adventure with a kickboxing class at CardioGO. Their King Street location is ideal for that busy young professional who is looking for a quick (but effective!) workout on their lunch hour. I love their 30 minute circuit kick boxing class which was the perfect mix of cardio and strength straining to get you over that mid-day hump!
Class PassBarreWorks

Barre classes are some of the most popular workouts now for the ladies and I can totally see why. Their triple bAAAre class focuses on exactly what a girl wants; abs, arms and ass! Their classes uses the traditional exercises that a dancer fitness training, core conditioning, yoga and pilates into one fun and upbeat class!
Class PassGravitate

Although the Gravity Training System machines can look quite intimidating, their gravity class was probably one of the most exhilarating workout classes I’ve done in awhile! Working your body from head to toe, the machine uses the resistance of our own body weigh to help you strengthen, tone and sculpt which helps to improve functional fitness and flexibility. 

Class PassKula

In order to yield the full benefits of yoga, it is so important to find a relaxing atmosphere to do your practice. And Kula was just that. Inviting and calming, this yoga studio in the Annex runs a wide variety of yoga classes for every level to help you fine you zen. From a yoga basics, to a more challenging vinaysa, their teachers allow you to reach your full potential in every classes in a welcoming atmosphere.
Class Pass

With three locations in Toronto, the Quad Spin studio provides you with a motivating spin for any fitness level. I am an avid spinner so it was great to find another indoor cycling studio to try that runs exceptional classes. I ended up dropping by the Quad East studio as a break from a full day of filming with Camille in Toronto and after a long day on set, it was so refreshing to head over to an invigorating spin class.
Class Pass

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