My Fave Workshops To Check Out In Toronto

Are you a crafting fanatic always looking for a new technique, art or even just a night out? I am. My poor mother has had to endure a household of complete and utter chaos because I am consisting moving from being obsessed over one form of art and then another. However, she is no angel herself, devouring herself into endless crafts and hobbies – even taking over the dining table to make countless items last Christmas.

I definitely know where I got this gene from. One of my favourite things to do with friends is to find workshops that offer an intro into a new form of art, craft or skill to peak our interests and enjoy doing something new.

So I thought I would share some of my top workshop picks for this summer:

Sweet Dreams:

Make your own dream catchers at The Shop, 08/11 at 6:30pm. These handmade beauties are said to protect children from nightmares, but are so trendy for people looking for that special boho element to complete a space.



Learn How to Henna: I am totally loving the Gladstone Hotel’s Get School’d line up of workshop series. However, my favourite out of the bunch has to be the Henna Workshop. Learn the history of henna, how to make and mix the henna, and even practice applying on 08/19 at 7pm. If you have a love of this traditional art and want to try something new this workshop is definitely for you.  CLICK HEREhenna Source

All About the Craft Party:

Studio 163 is offering a party on cross stitching! No this is not your grandma’s form of craft – offering instruction with a contemporary and modern spin on the otherwise considered old school hobby. Can’t make it August 21st? No problem Studio 163 offers a multitude of workshops and dates to suit anyones schedule.


cross stitch craft partycross stitch craft party 2 Source

Bling on Bling:

l’ve aways dreamed of making your own jewelry? Well Fancy Gems & Findings is hosting a few Metal Jewelry Stamping Workshops at the end of July and during August. Workshops come with a kit, availability of the shops tools and fonts, and an awesome time. Suitable for anyone aged 12 and up.




Festival Bliss:

I AM IN LOVE WITH FLORAL CROWNS! No seriously, I love them to bits and I have been searching HIGH and low for the ultimate workshop to take to learn how to craft one properly. Botany and Rowan Homespun Market have put together an amazing workshop yet again that is sure to please all. Taking place on 08/15.




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