My Guide To Surviving Fashion Week

Today marks the first day of World MasterCard Fashion Week! With over 35 runway shows and countless events in between over five jam-packed days, it’s important to have your outfits and purse all planned out for the busy week ahead. But in the meantime, I’ve decided to let you in on my fashion week essentials. From what I can’t leave the house without to my daily outfit inspiration with LINE Knitwear, here is my essential guide to surviving fashion week!

What’s in my Purse

Get those last minute touchups in an instant by keeping your bag stocked with all of the essentials. In order to keep myself looking fresh from day to night, I always keep the following makeup items in my purse:

Keep your brows on “fleek” with Tweezerman’s portable mini tweezers that fit perfectly in your purse in this convenient tube and the WAXON Brow Brush and Brow duo! Roll-on or mini perfumes these from Juicy Couture are also essential to keeping you smell fresh during those long days in the tent. Keep your hair looking great all week long with the Tangle Teezer brush and  a great dry shampoo like the Kérastase Powder Bluff that infuses your hair with texture and body with no white residue.

Makeup Kit

This week, I will be bringing you a daily update of all of the exciting activities unwinding at fashion week. So it is very important that I can keep track of everything I want to share with you in my handy notebook or on my phone. Sound recording apps like QuickVoice are a hand way to save a copy of your interviews so you can listen to your interviews again when you’re writing the articles later. You’ll also be busy taking photos on and sharing updates on social media so be sure to keep your phone charger on you all week long just in case!

You won’t always have time to pack food or have a break during fashion week, but it’s important to make sure that when you do, you’re choosing something healthy. Eat Nākd whole food snack bars are easy to grab and are good for you too! They are made with all natural indigents, are gluten-free and sugar-free so I trust what I am eating is a healthy and delicious choice. Eat Nākd bars are made from a cold-pressed mix of just fruits and nuts and are available in a wide variety of flavours too!
Nakd.My “OOTD” Inspiration for Fashion Week

My secret to surviving fashion week is picking out outfits in advance that are both fashionable yet comfortable at the same time. When you are spending hours inside the tents and running around all day from appointment to interview, it’s essential to wear something that works for your busy day. Since fashion week happens to fall in a very cold month, discovering the trendy yet warm pieces from LINE Knitwear was my saving grace for this fashion season. Their fresh, new collection is filled with lightweight knits was are perfect solution to my cold weather problem and pair beautifully with pieces I already own! 

Start off fashion week with a cozy yet stylish knit blend cardigan fromLINE Knitwear. The subtle leather details and black accents make it just trendy enough to be worn beside the runway while keeping you warm all evening long. Because I wanted to make the sweater the focal point in my outfit, I decided to wear it with a pair of leather trimmed leggings and a simple yet elegant necklace from Magnolia Silver Jewellery.

Line KnitwearFor my second look, I decide to add a bit off colour to my wardrobe. I bought this magenta shift dress from Roadtrip Clothing in Ottawa a few months ago and love how effortless this outfit looks with this draped cardigan from LINE KnitwearThis grey cardigan is a fashion week “must-have” because not only does it look great with a dress or pants, it is also lightweight and super versatile making it the perfect piece to pop in your purse before you leave the house!

During fashion week, I often am rushing from day events to evening cocktail parties with not much time to spare. So finding this light sweater, with delicate sheer detailing, has become the perfect piece for fashion week because it transitions seamlessly through any event. I decided to contrast the soft white with a black midi pencil skirt, but the beauty of this sweater is that you could even wear it with a great pair of jeans or something more colourful instead if you wanted to!

Line KnitwearAnd for my last look, I decided to opt for something a little more comfortable, perfect for the end of a busy week! This loose fitting sweater fromLINE Knitwear matches with almost any bottom you have in your wardrobe. Pair it with your favourite statement necklace, or a bright pair of city sneakers (for a more casual look), and you’re ready to take fashion week by storm!

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