New Year, New You with IAM Yoga

Give yourself the gift of a fresh start in 2015. Make this year the year you focus on reducing your inner stress and committing yourself to a more mindful practice of peace and tranquility in your everyday life. We are often too caught up with the frantic pace and over stimulation of modern society. Take time for yourself this year and cultivate mindfulness in a contemporary way that leaves you feeling happy, healthy and refreshed. Channel your inner sense of relaxation through yoga.

Shifting from a hectic life working as a marketing strategist to opening her on yoga studio, IAM Yoga’s owner Linda Malone has dedicated her life to focus on her passion of using yoga to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the ways in which yoga can be used to improve mental health. The word IAM means to be mindful or present, which represents the core philosophies of the studio. Although yoga yields many physical and fitness benefits, IAM Yoga places an emphasis on teaching students to enhance their mental well being, improve health and drastically reduce physical and emotional reactions to stress in busy day-to-day life.


Founded in 2008, IAM Yoga offers an array of classes for every body. From strength building to stretching to a detoxifying sweat through hot yoga, this studio offers a wide range of classes on their schedule that allows you to try a different class everyday of the week that promote movement and flexibility. IAM Yoga is in the business of making people happy, healthier and more grounded. Their classes strive to engage students through teachings that are presented in an innovative, unique and relatable way while creating and fostering a sense of community on the mat.


The yoga studio has recently moved to their beautifully renovated Yonge Street location. This studio was created in a historic building that was gutted and re-designed to create a clean, open and inviting space decorated with the natural aesthetics and textures of wood, glass and steel in locally sourced furniture. This 6000 square foot studio has three studio spaces (a hot room, a non-heated room, a conditioning room) all conducive to a perfecting your yoga practice.


According to Linda Malone, whatever you may do this New Year, remember to be open, be checked in, be present, be vulnerable and be aware. The more we push ourselves to learn and explore, the more our overall cognition improves. Expose yourself to a new way of thinking in the New Year to help support growth and stimulation through your yoga practice. By just showing up and devoting that time on your mat to yourself by being present in the yoga class, you are helping to produce pathways that encourage the development and expansion of your mindful practice. Instead of focusing on being the strongest or most flexible in your class, yoga is rooted in the personal benefits you achieve from practicing it. Engage in any class you try and invite the challenges that push you to your personal best this year.


Looking to learn more about healthy eating? IAM Yoga is launching a new series of called “From Our Kitchen” which will include a series of interactive workshops, podcasts, lectures, talks and lessons on food preparation and natural body solutions that will take place in the IAM Yoga studio kitchen. All tips and tricks are based on items tested by the IAM Yoga team personally. Learn more about upcoming classes and projects HERE.

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Combining yoga and therapy together in a holistic and supportive approach to combat mental illness, the Blu Matter Project was born to provide yoga classes for people living with depressive disorders as a therapeutic tool to help reduce anxiety, stabilize mental activity, enhance brain functioning, improve sleep quality and resiliency to stress. For more information on this initiative, visit their website  HERE.


All images provided by IAM Yoga’s Facebook Page


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