Painting Tips for Condo Living with Behr

I took the leap and bought a condo. Over the next few weeks before the close date, I’m taking the steps to transport this 700 square foot box in the sky into my new home. First things first, it’s time for me to pick the perfect paint colour. Before you move your furniture in, take the time to paint your home a colour that brings you joy. To help you transform your home with paint colours, here are some great tips from the colourful team at Behr.

Picking the Perfect Paint
If you’re moving into a brand new building, the white walls you are left with are often painted with a very inexpensive coat of white primer, followed by a coat of paint, which will just cover the bare drywall. These walls can mark easily and will not hold up well during everyday cleaning. In order to transform your walls, even just a coat of of Behr’s interior paint can help fix those problems. All of their paint lines are 100% acrylic latex, which of course, makes for easy soap and water clean-up. You can also pick your paint finish to match the hue as a matte finish gives a lighter hue more depth and richness where as a satin sheen can add dimension to a room.

o   The most advanced, BEHR MARQUEE, is a “paint and primer in one” which guarantees one-coat hide in over 1,000 colours.  This 100% acrylic latex paint, is scrubbable, offers superior durability and stain resistance (for life’s accidental moments).   This is a also great time-saving option because all you need is one coat.

o   BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA, is a stain-blocking “paint and primer in one” which offers excellent durability and hide.  Any colour can be tinted up into this line.

o   BEHR PREMIUM PLUS, is a low odour, zero VOC (even after tinting) “paint and primer in one” and can also be tinted up into any colour.  For those who have allergies and/or are environmentally conscious, this is a perfect choice.

Some of their  most popular selling “tried and true” colours in the lighter colour family are:  Polar Bear #75, Swiss Coffee #12, Falling Snow PPU18-7 and Antique White #23.

Colour Tips for Making your Condo Look Bigger
While you may not have the most space in a condo, colour tricks can help a room appear larger. When painting, consider the slight lines form one room to another. By carrying the same colour throughout your space,  you’ll make the apartment seem larger and the flow from room to room will not be interrupted. A lighter hue, also reflects light which naturally makes a room feel larger.  To add to the overall feeling of spaciousness, keep furniture, cabinetry and flooring in the same colour family as the walls.

In an enclosed space, like an ensuite bathroom, carrying the same colour from the walls onto the ceiling will also make the room feel larger since the boundaries are between the walls and the ceiling essentially disappear.  You can even take this a step further by painting out the trim in the same colour.  Varying the sheen, however, adds some visual interest.  For examples, painting the walls in a matte finish looks smart when the trim is painted in a higher sheen, such as a satin or a semi-gloss.
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