PICADILLY Celebrates 40 Years of Canadian Fashion

For the last 40 years, PICADILLY has established itself as a Canadian fashion house distributing their pieces all over Canada as well as internationally. Just as Canadian culture emphasizes diversity, this brand has embraced the inclusion of fashion influences with their recent collaborations with such notable Canadian designers as Joeffer Caoc, Franciska Veress, and David Dixon.
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PICADILLY  was first launched in 1975, this family run business has been building a brand that is known for its beautiful blend of classic silhouettes and unique pieces that are timeless, ageless, and seasonless. The Dombrowsky family has had 40 years of great success evolving and adapting the business to respond to the current fashion market and expand worldwide. As seen at their first Toronto Fashion Week showing this past March, PICADILLY has found a collaborative way to transform their brand with modern and fashion forward styles and a supportive way to give these designers exposure in the 18 countries worldwide where PICADILLY is sold.
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PICADILLY has found success by focusing on creating wearable styles for women. “What has been interesting to watch is the shift in our consumers desiring more fashion forward designs,” says Neil Dombrowsky, President of PICADILLY. “Throughout the evolution of PICADILLY , we used to focus on specifically a mature customer, but as times have changed, we have seen the move towards more modern looks, catering to women across multiple generations.”
EastMeetsWest - VF477Being able to offer Canadian designed and made fashion worldwide at a reasonable price, consumers are connecting to the label that is a direct output of Canadian loyalty and partnership. For more information on this brand, visit http://picadilly.ca/

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