Pipler Accessories: Shopping With Integrity

One of the perks about working with this site is that I get the chance to hear about unique stores opening throughout Toronto and then pick my favourite to share with you. And it is safe to say that walking into Pipler Accessories was love at first sight. Created by the well-known Toronto-based chef Léonie Lilla from the city’s popular Farmer’s Daughter Eatery and her wife Alice Clarkson, who has held esteemed positions in the retail industry within companies, Pipler Accessories a one-of-a-kind boutique in the heart of the historical Cabbagetown neighbourhood. Fitting perfectly into the vibrant and creative eastern Toronto community, Lilla and Clarkson have created a cozy local spot that will surely to become a neighbourhood gem in no time. But the beauty of this store is that they have carefully picked each item in stock to reflect their contemporary urban aesthetic from brands that fit into one of their four pillars of being sustainable, handmade, local or charity-driven.

PiplerAs you wander through their shop, you’ll quickly discover that the couples style and sensibility is reflected in every piece. From bags constructed in vegan leathers (Nella Bella) to a line of local hats that give back to help feed the homeless (Thank You Toronto), this store offers its customers so much more than just on trend accessories and giftware. Committed to only housing brands that have messages of integrity, each piece in the store tells a unique story with positive messages that they are eager to share. From bags, to watches, to ties, jewellery and more… there is no short of selection in this cozy and easy to shop boutique.
PiplerUpon the store’s opening, the brands that are currently in stock are:

 Fine & Dandy

 Hen Jewellery

 All in Eyewear

 Rachel F

 Nella Bella by Tarek 

 The Common-Folk

 May 28th

 Peau de Loup

 Thank You Toronto

PiplerPiplerPiplerPiplerStay tuned though! Pipler Accessories has exciting plans to launch their own retail store in the in the next year which will make getting these beautiful pieces delivered directly to your doorstop even easier. To visit this beautiful store, swing by their storefront locations at 453 Parliament Street in Cabbagetown in Toronto or visit them online at shoppipler.com


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