Post-Work Yoga Poses

The shift into a 9-5 office job where you are sitting all day can take a toll on you both mentally and physically.  By taking 15 minutes every day to stretch, you will be shocked at the overall health benefits this can yield. Not only will this be a time for you to relax and centre yourself after a busy day, but it will help work out some of the negative effects prolonged sitting can have on your body.

Try this vinyasa sequence every day for one week and you will be amazed at how it can relieve common symptoms that result from sitting such as stiff backs, necks, shoulders and hips. Be sure to hold each pose for a couple breaths so your body can fully feels the restorative effects of each stretch.

From standing, fold your body forward into an inverted V position by lengthening your back, shoulders and legs into a Downward Dog. Hold this position by stretching your legs backwards while pushing your palm (with your fingers spread) into the floor. Hold this pose for 5 calming breaths to help increase circulation to your head.

Yoga 1- Downward Dog

Walk (or hop!) your feet towards your hands for a Forward Fold and release all of the tension found in your shoulders and back. Fold at your waist and let your arms hang to the floor with your feet hip distance apart for a few breaths.

Yoga 2- Walking Forward

Yoga 3 - Forward Fold

Reverse swan dive your arms up above your head with your hands resting together in prayer position and reach high towards the sky with a slight bend in your back to lengthen your body and open your chest in Mountain Pose.

Yoga 4- Reverse Swan Dive Step 1


Yoga 5- Reverse Swan Dive Step 2

Yoga 6- Reverse Swan Dive Step 3

Yoga 7- Mountain Pose

 After a breath in this position, extend your arms upward and bend to your right side for a breath. Then, lower your arms and let them let rest by your sides.

Yoga 8- Side bend

Yoga 9 - Side bend

Push your right arm down to the floor with a flat palm while stretching your neck to the left side, resting your left hand on your head to deepen the stretch.

Yoga 10- Neck stretch

Swan dive down into a forward fold and step your right leg back into a high lunge with your left knee over your foot.

Yoga 11- High lunge

Reach your left arm high to the sky and twist your torso to open to the left for a twisted lunge.

Yoga 12- Twisted lunge

Yoga 13- Twisted lunge

Place your left arm back on the floor and step your right leg backwards back into a downward dog.

Yoga 14- Downward Dog

Slowly lower your knees to the ground under your hips, with your wrists directly under your shoulders, in a neutral tabletop position. Curve your upper back high and let your head drop between your shoulders for cat pose.

Yoga 15- Cat

On your inhale, curve your shoulders, head and back towards the sky as you let your belly sink towards the floor for cow pose.

Yoga 16- Cow

Shift your hips backwards with your arms out stretched in front of you into a child’s pose to rese.

Yoga 17- Childs Pose

Repeat this whole sequence again but this time stretch your neck and body to the left side and step backwards with your left leg for your lunges.

Feel free to also repeat both vinaysa sequences as many times as desired.


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