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Your bags are packed, your flight is in a few hours and the hotel is booked. Nothing could go wrong on your perfect vacation, right? Wrong. My number one rule of thumb for travelling is to expect the unexpected. These often are little nuisances like potential travel delays or booking issues with your accommodation. But once you’re there, have you ever thought about what you would do in the event of an accident or health emergency that requires medical attention?

Life is unpredictable, but your travel insurance doesn’t have to be. In order to help you keep your vacation in line and on budget, be sure to book your travel insurance before you leave. Travel insurance is designed to protect against unexpected medical emergencies; it helps you get the right emergency medical services you need – and, once your condition has improved enough for travel, helps you get back home once your condition has stabilized.

To save you money, it is important that you take the time to pick the right coverage plan to match each traveller. Government health insurance only pays a fraction of the expenses when a traveller becomes ill or injured while abroad, so to save on those unexpected accidents, figure out the plan that is right for you before hand. 


For the travellers with pre-existing medical conditions, it is even more important that you take the time to review your policy and figure out whether your condition is covered, how the insurer defines stability for pre-existing conditions and what you need to do to ensure that in the case of an emergency you are taken care of. I found a medical questionnaire that TD Insurance has online, which gave me a better sense of the types of health-related questions travelers should be prepared to answer.  If you are unsure or have more questions about your medical history, consult a doctor before travelling as well as contact your insurance company to check the impact to your travel insurance coverage. For instance, a recent change in your medication before leaving on a trip might indicate a change in medical stability.

When it comes to finding the right coverage, you want to think about what kind of traveler you are; there are several basic traveler profiles and pick the travel insurance you choose to your specific needs.

o   Frequent Travellers or Flyers 
For the people who travel often throughout the year, an annual plan may be your best option. Different annual credit cards and annual plans cover different trip length so it is important to go over that before you book. There is always the option to book additional coverage for an extended trip, but be sure to talk to your insurer  to learn more about topping up existing coverage before you leave. 

o   Irregular or Infrequent Travellers and Vacationers 

For those who go on one or two trips a year, or could even be day-trippers going across the border for a quick shopping spree, purchasing single day or per trip travel insurance may be your best option to select the best Travel Medical Insurance on a per-trip basis. This group may also benefit from taking advantage of the coverage offered on their travel credit card, and checking if they have any coverage on their employee benefits plan.


o   Travellers Who Go on Extended Trips 
For the snowbirds, and the seasonal travellers, or even students on an exchange abroad,  insurance for extended vacations cover periods longer the 30 days. Before you go, a health related questionnaire may be required before you receive a quote. Be sure to answer this quote as accurately as possible as any inaccuracies may affect coverage if a claim is submitted. Check with your doctor and your insurer before you go to answer any questions you may have.


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