Protecting Your Information Online

We’re living in one of the most exciting and revolutionary times. We are able to start a company with only a laptop and an internet connection, and figure out the answers to all of our questions with a quick search online. But with our livelihood, personal information and security at risk, it’s important to think about the measures you’re taking to stay secure when using the internet. That’s why I use ESET Internet Security to get powerful protection for everyday web browsing. While providing they their trademarked balance of detection, speed and usability, they have are known for to providing antivirus protection, it shields your webcam, blocks ransomware, checks your home Wi-Fi router for vulnerabilities and secures your online banking and financial transactions.

I recently switched from a MAC to an ASUS laptop with Windows so figuring out my internet security was a top priority. With ESET, I am able to bank and shop online securely as it shields my online transactions, regain control of my webcam and routers with alerts if anyone tries to access it, rest assured that I am surfing the web in a secure and private manner, have award-winning Antivirus protection and get free customer support when I need it. Plus, you can buy this level of security for 1 computer for $59.99/year or $79.99 for three years.

For more information on the different options for internet security, visit ESET online at

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