Racinne’s Foolproof Skincare for All

I have never been a girl that had a skincare routine or a go to beauty product. I always prided on having naturally good skin, however over the last few years (aka entering adulthood) I have been noticing some blemishes and a change in my complexion making it really hard for me to figure out a skincare routine that worked for my skin. Now with the summer months in full swing my skincare could really use a boost and some definite help, then Racinne Canada entered my life. Great for a newbie like myself who may not know what to do, each bottle has directions on the back to remind you of which product comes after what. But that isn’t the best part – these products ACTUALLY do what they say.

Offering four unique product series to cover a variety of skin issues this Canadian brand strives to use ground breaking biotechnology, plant callus and world-leading laboratories in Korea to deliver innovative beauty products. Each product implements a powerful blend of key active ingredients to benefit skin all backed by scientific research.
racinne_applyI myself have complicated skin, over the years my biracial heritage has resulted in trouble areas with hyperpigmentation – a lot of skincare companies over products that are subpar to helping with this issue, however Racinne’s Ultimate Aqua Blanc series works to brighten dark spots, patches and uneven skin tones. My favourite from this line is the Brightening Serum that is applied after cleasing and toning, immediately after use I felt my skin had a glow to it, which it hasn’t had in a very long time. Aside from how it looked, what really impressed me was how it felt! My skin felt smoother, and the antioxidant enriched formula made it feel hydrated and healthier.

racinee_aqua blanc_ concentrateFor more sensitive skin the Delicare Perfection series was made for you! This series is made with delisens, the key active ingredient that is an anti-allergenic moisturizing agent. My favourite product from this line is the Soothing Toner – what makes it so unique you ask? Unlike traditionally toners it is NOT alcohol based, and DOES NOT dry your skin. It is not only alcohol free but also free of artificial dyes, parabens, artificial fragrance, mineral oil, talc and many other common irritants. This toner felt like a gel upon application, it was cool and soothing rather than the traditional burning and dry feel of other toners. My skin said thank you to me after using this toner – I immediately threw away any other toners I had because not only did this toner do its job it felt refreshing which is great for the summer months.
racinne - delisens tonerMoving along through their product lines another one of my favourites comes from the Hydra Perfection Series which I swear was made for me. I have the driest skin ever – it does not matter what I do to it, I can lather on as much moisturizer as I want and yet give my skin 2 minutes before it is dry all over again. The Hydrating Emulsion proved me otherwise, seriously, I put it on at 8 am and my skin was still hydrated throughout the day. This multi-vitamin answered my prayers, it not only revitalized my skin, but immediately I saw results.
racinne _ hydra emulsionLast but not least Racinne offers the Ultimate Youth Power series which helps defy aging – now I may not have some wrinkles yet but my skin does not feel as firm as it used to be. I was able to try their Anti-Aging Mask which left my skin firm to the touch.
racinne_youth power_maskWith a multitude of product options Racinne has products suited for a variety of skincare needs.
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