Reebok x CrossFit Nano 5.0

In the last few years, CrossFit seems to have popped up everywhere as it quickly has become one of the biggest fitness trends around the world. Responding to the growing demand from both amateur and professional athletes for high quality performance gear, Reebok has continued to innovate and design fitness apparel to withstand the rigours of this demanding working. And in honour of this, today we are celebrating the fifth anniversary of their CrossFit partnership with the launch of their Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0. Made from Kevlar® material for protection and durability, this shoe has been specially engineered and designed to featured an innovative 360° BulletCage built for added protection and designed to endure the different workouts of the day.

But for those of you that are new to this type of workout, it is important to understand a bit about the fundamentals of CrossFit to realize the full scope of what this shoe can do. CrossFit is a training belief that coaches people  to improve their physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness comprised of constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements. The workouts of the day, of WODs in CrossFit language, are created to push a different part of your functional strength or conditioning in varied ways to help build your body. And so the fact that these shoes were created to withstand the demanding workouts of high intensity CrossFit workouts, they have been designed to respond to human movement to allow you to reach your full potential at the gym. IMG_3570“As CrossFit workouts get tougher and CrossFit athletes get stronger – so too does the Reebok CrossFit Nano,” said Corinna Werkle, Head of Training at Reebok. “With the introduction of Kevlar material, we truly believe the Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0 is our toughest shoe yet and can withstand even the harshest, toughest WODs.  At Reebok, we are hugely proud of our long-standing partnership with CrossFit; it has powered a huge range of innovative CrossFit apparel and footwear and the Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0 is the latest landmark addition to the category.”
IMG_3589The Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0 is available through and official CrossFit stores located at Stay tuned, we’ll be testing out these shoes at our local CrossFit gym and will be sharing out fitness journey with you on the blog!

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