Refresh Your Beauty Regime From Within With MIYU

Sometimes the stresses you skin can face are unavoidable. From UV rays, to pollution to the wear and tear of your everyday lifestyle, getting the perfect complexion is really skin deep. The masterminds behind MIYU have created a luxurious line of teas and skincare products to help refresh your life and revamp your skin. First launched in 2013, MIYU has created a mixture of skincare products that focus on you, inside and out. Created by Connie Tai whose goal is to help push forward the “beauty from within” movement. As stress driven breakouts are more frequently experienced due to the growing demands of modern life. So it is even more important to take the time to relax and focus on how you can change your lifestyle and beauty ritual to include healthier choices. MIYU’s harness the healing power of green tea (for skin protection), white peony (for radiance) and pearl (for preservation of youth).

Their core philosophies are:
1. Your skin is a mirror of your lifestyle…so you should paper your skin from the inside out!
2.Complexions are nurtured from within…so you should harness the healing powers of the antioxidants found in Chinese teas.
3. The secret to everlasting beauty is happiness…so you should focus on your own well-being and self love because that is the best beauty remedy of all.
MIYU’s signature lines a separated into the hydrate mi paring and de-stress me-paring. I decided to try out their de-stress mi pairing to help relax after a busy week. First, cleanse your skin with the de-stress mi beauty essence. This spay on serum is made with natural minerals and ingredients to help calm your skin and neutralize stress-inducing free radicals that repair barrier function. Then, relax with a warm cup of de-stress mi beauty tea that is a delicious herbal mixture of peppermint, licorice and chamomile blossoms to help reduce the inflammation and calm your complexion. These two products when used together are a great way to help boost your daily dose of antioxidants to help nurture both your body and your skin.
Start your quest on your finding the happier, more beautiful you and come explore the wonderful world of MIYU. For more information, check out their website HERE.

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