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Breathing – it’s something we do instinctively, but can sometimes be hindered by asthma, air quality, seasonal changes and even stress. Cue pocket-sized breathing rescue Respiratory Air Spray from Puressentiel.

An aromatherapy designed to relieve cough and cold reactions, it proved the perfect aid for my asthma during a recent trip to China, and has since become a staple in my purse! Equipped with 19 essential oils, including eucalyptus, rosemary and cedar wood, it smells AMAZING and you can use it the moment you feel discomfort in your breathing. You can spray it onto a tissue for inhalation or just a few spritzes into the surrounding air – the same you would do with an aromatherapy treatment.

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This was a great companion for me to supplement my puffers when I was on crowded planes and dealing with the extreme heat and polluted air. I found it especially useful while climbing the Great Wall of China – as one does when they’re in China – which felt like it was built for seasoned athletes. Taking a quick sniff of my Respiratory Air Spray infused tissue helped steady my breathing AND calm my nerves about the next towering staircase.

The breathing aid is small enough to fit in your purse and has an aroma calming enough for anyone to appreciate. It’s definitely my new travel must-have and I highly recommend it for anyone with breathing irregularities, allergies or even mild anxiety. Let this live in your bag!
Puressentiel offers a variety of safe, effective and easy-to-use aromatherapy and natural products. You can find the Respiratory Air Spray and more online at

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