Roxy Ready for #RUNSUPYOGA Montreal Edition

Two weeks ago, I saw an add on Facebook advertising the Roxy RunSupYoga event in Montreal. Having seen this new event, through social medias, being held all over the world this summer, I was really stoked on the fact that it was coming to Montreal. I waisted no time in registering myself as the spaces for the event was very limited. It turned out to be a sold out event very quickly. The Roxy #RUNSUPYOGA is an event that started this year, inviting girls to rise to the challenge of either a run, a stand-up paddle board push, a yoga session, or all three combined. Motivating girls of all ages to exercise their right to have fun. All though the run and stand-up paddle board session in technically a race, it is done in the spirit of having fun and encouraging your fellow rockstar girls.
It has been held all over the world this summer. With stops in places such as Hawaii, California, Bali … The Montreal stop was in Old port of Montreal. The perfect spot for a run in the city. As participants started arriving and registering around 8h30, we all received goodie bags with Roxy caps and other sweet merchandise. Starting with the 5km run, the rain started sprinkling, but that didn’t stop the participants. Girls of all ages were smiling ear-to-ear as we ran by the water in Old Montreal. Unfortunately, half of us got stuck behind a train that seemed to go on forever, and prevented us from crossing the road for a couple minutes. Even that didn’t put out the good vibes and smilles during the event. As you approached the finish line, everyone was cheering you on. We waited till everyone arrived to move on to the next leg of the event.
The next event was the SUP, or Stand Up Paddle board. The lovely and dynamic folks over at KSF, were present with SUP instructors and board for the participants that were participating. Unfortunately, not everyone could do the SUP part because there is only a limited amount of boards. You had to subscribe early on. This part took place in the bassin Bonsecours at around 10am. As the instructors guided us on how to use the equipment and how to stand up on the board, we paddles around the bassin for a quick little friendly race.
The third and last leg of the event was the yoga session. Guided by two lovely instructors, we flowed through a warming and sunny flow despite the rain. It was the perfect way to end and stretch out all the sore muscles after the run. My teeth may or may not have been chattering though, during savasana. We all then got yummy lunches made by Eaux Vivres restaurant.
Roxy has always been a pioneer in getting girls involved in sports and stoked on a healthy and active lifestyle. Personally, as a someone who has been into boarsports since a very young age, I have always looked up to the amazing Roxy athletes that kick butt. Their venture into fitness has really given other female fitness brands a run for their money. I basically live in my Roxy sport bra and leggings.
A big thanks, to Roxy and Empire for putting this event on in Montreal. It is such an important thing to show girls of all ages, that you can be whatever you want and still kick serious butt when the time comes. Yogis, surfers, snowboarders, runners, whatever sport you practice, to go out there and smash your goals all while having the most fun you can! Hopefully it comes back next year to Québec!
All images were taken by Alex C.D Photography

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