Running Happy with Brooks

For the past couple years, I’ve filled my fitness regime with yoga, circuit training and spinning. I’ve always loved running on a treadmill but this summer I decided to get outside and start running again. With the helps of Brooks Running, I went online and first found the perfect pair of running shoes. Their Shoe Finder tool helps you pick the perfect pair of shoes for you based on where, how often and your personalized running techniques. Finding the right shoes is one of the most important steps you can take in starting running because it is crucial in preventing injury. Based on the way and how often I run, the Women’s PUREFLOW 4 were the best choice for me because they are a lightweight and flexible running shoe that allows me to move naturally with a ton of plush cushioning to keep me comfortable.


The next step was to get equipped for my runs. Now that we’re heading into fall, it is important to invest in key pieces that can transition with you into the colder weather. On my wish list is the Women’s LSD Jacket (both wind proof and water resistant!), the Greenlight Tight (reversible and with a wide, flat, power waist for added comfort while you’re running), the Moving Comfort Switch it Up Racer sports bra (made from DriLayer® Silver fabric keeps skin dry) and a comfy pair of Pacesetter Tab Socks.

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Luckily I live in an area of Toronto where I can run easily on the side of road without too much traffic or interruption. Plan ahead how long (either by distance or by time) you want to run and figure out a route based on that. Find the nearest park to do laps through or figure out a scenic way to explore your neighbourhood. But either way, it is important to switch up your route to keep in fresh and interesting. A good friend of mine always brings her running shoes with her when she travels to explore the city in the early hours of the morning. It’s a great way to add fitness into your daily routine but also discover new areas of the city!

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