Runway Recap: Day 4 Of World MasterCard Fashion Week

This week has been filled with some of the most unique lines to grace the runway. Last night’s roster of talented designers who strutted their stuff down the runway included Threshold featuring SOM KONG and Rank by Rani, Malorie Urbanovitch, Caitlin Power, Matthew Gallagher, Soia & Kyo and Rudsak. Come behind the scenes with us as we explore the Spring/Summer 2015 collections of the best fashion designers in Canada.

Threshold ft. Rank By Rani & Som Kong

The Collections has chosen Threshold featuring SOM KONG and Rank by Rani as their new label this year to launch at World MasterCard Fashion Week. The designing duo has been provided support and mentorship launching their designs on this international platform. There has been a lot of buzz about designers Som Kong and Rani Kim as they were recently featured in Toronto Men’s Fashion Week. Their innovative and avant-garde collections alter traditional silhouettes with oversized and innovative pieces while also collaborating with graphic designers to create unique fabrics. We can only expect big things from these two in their fashion future.

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Malorie Urbanovitch

Inspired by the style and sensibility of the roaring twenties, Malorie Urbanovitch presented her Spring/Summer 2015 collection of high-end women’s wear design last night based on the ideal of the “Emancipated Women.” Retro cuts and fabrics have been used in her designs as her collection features drop waists, hard knits and washable silks in mossy greens and rich purples. After being given the title of Awarded Designer last year at the Mercedes-Benz Start Up program, last night marked the first solo show for Malorie. Launching as well her newly designed accessory collection, this line creates a bold fashionable complete outfit that makes a statement.

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Caitlin Power

Catilin Power has developed an incredible collection of twelve dresses this year for World MasterCard Fashion Week. She has redefined the classic standards of women’s wear by infusing her architectural background in her creations. The colours of her collections are inspired by the depths of the ocean and deepest realms of the sea as her Spring/Summer 2015 line is filled with shades of turquoise, ultramarine, beige and slate. She has revamped the classic motifs in female fashion creating sharp and architectural silhouettes in her exquisite dresses.

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Matthew Gallagher

Luxury designs have found their home in Maison Matthew Gallagher’s collection contemporary creations. A brand known for their superior artistry in haute fashion design, their Spring/Summer 2015 line lives up to this legacy. His new collection resounds the modern of modern glamour through its attention to intricate details in pieces defined by their clean lines and elegant shapes made from the finest Italian fabrics. Matthew Gallagher has developed a polished line of sophisticated pieces redefining beauty for the new season.

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Soia & Kyo

The Montreal based brand Soia & Kyo awed audiences once again with their Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Creative director Ilan Elfassy has cultivated a line known for its polished, utilitarian design creating a versatile line of industrial city chic pieces. Aptly named “City Limits”- this collection is filled with functional and charming pieces in complimenting colours ranging from soft, earthy sands and oatmeal to bolder yellows. Designs included draped light trenches, washed leathers and textured canvas in designs balancing the elegance and simplicity this line is known for.

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The era of rebel cool is upon us as the leatherwear brand Rudsak confidently strutted down the catwalk to end off the fourth night of World MasterCard Fashion Week. The edgy allure of Rudsak’s high quality designs has transformed them into one of Canada’s leading fashion brands. Always at the forefront of trends, their exquisite quality and craftsmanship shines through their Spring/Summer 2015 collection of full of leather outerwear, transitional coats, footwear, handbags and accessories. Inspired by street wear, Rudsak’s collection of oversized anoraks, baseball varsities and leather short-shorts are some of this next season’s must haves.

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**All runway images were provided by George Pimentel courtesy of World MasterCard Fashion Week.

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