#CREATORS: Simple Studs – A Company with Intention

I always look forward to Wanderlust Tremblant, not only because of all the amazing people you meet and the yoga you get to do, but also because of all the brands that have their tents during the festival to sell their merchandise. It’s always fun to see new companies among big hitters like Lululemon. This year definitely did not disappoint with my discovery of my new favourite jewellery company, Simple Studs.
Simple Studs is exactly what its name says, just simple earring studs. Sorry to disappoint those that thought is was a dating site where you can find hot studs. All though, there are good looking men on their website contrary to half-naked females. So even if you had never heard of the brand before and stumbled onto their website, you get the feeling that they don’t take things to seriously and that makes you feel like you are all ready best friends with the minds behind the brand.
Founded by Jordana Wisdom-Keeper after she went through, at 32 years of age, a serious look at what really mattered it her life. Sometimes it life, even though to the outside eye everything seems perfect, we have this deep feeling inside of us that we aren’t reaching to our full potential and we just don’t know who we really are anymore. I think at one point in our lives, we can all relate to this feeling.  After deciding to drive across the country on a life changing trip, Jordana picked up stones a little everywhere that in result reminded her over and over again what it was like to be in that place she picked up that stone. As she got home, amethyst was in abundance of the stones she picked up, so she decided to focus her energy and make earrings. It started as only gifts for friends and then this just happened. Simple Studs was born.
 The studs are made from stones such as amethyst, citrine, opal etc. If you weren’t aware, specific stones have different energy properties that can help you heal or focus on an intention you need the most in your life at the moment. For example, the studs I picked were Blue Opal. Which is a stones that will soothe erratic emotions and enhance personal courage. It is also known as the stone of hope. When I saw this pair of earrings, I felt instantly attracted to them. Another example is Amethyst, it is the stone to help you connect to your deepest desires and center yourself so you can get to the core of what you really want. I mean, you could just pick the ones that are the prettiest in your opinion, but if a stone can help you sober up after a night out, well it doesn’t hurt to try. Just pick a pair that speaks to you.
We could all use a little more intention in our lives.
All images were provided by Simple Studs’ Facebook Page

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