Stay Smooth this Summer with BIC Soleil Shine

This summer, as you are planning your summer weekend road trips and vacations away, don’t let you cosmetic kit weigh you down. The key to packing smart is to only bring the essentials along with you.  And as you are day-dreaming about those warm days by the beach, bring along your BIC® Soleil ShineTM/MC five blade disposable razor with you for flawless smooth legs all summer long.

Whenever I travel, I try and keep my suitcase as compact as possible. So when it comes to narrowing down my beauty products on the road, picking a razor like the BIC® Soleil ShineTM/MC that has a soothing moisture strip enriched with Aloe and Cocoa Butter is a no brainer because this means that I can shave throughout the trip without irritation and am able to leave my bulky shaving creams and oils at home.
To help you prep for the beach or strut with confidence in your favourite summer dress, the BIC® Soleil ShineTM/MC gives you an ultra-close shave as each of the razor’s  five flexible blades individually adjust to the contours of the body to help you look and feel your best.

This summer, to help you shave with ease, here are BIC® ‘s ultimate shaving tips:

  •         Shave at night. Shaving removes dead skin cells, which is healthy for your skin but also reduces its defenses to external elements. Shaving before bed will give your skin the time it needs to recover so you’ll be ready for whatever adventure summer throws your way!
  •         Shave on clean, warm, damp skin. The summer season means you’ll likely be shaving more frequently. Wash your skin first to help prevent infection or bumps. Apply hot water or shave after showering to increase skin elasticity and soften hair. It’s easier to shave wet hair, and doing so can help reduce skin irritation and increase razor blade longevity.
  •         Forget the soap. Shaving cream/gel with Aloe Vera is gentler on skin than soap and helps lift hair. For best results, lather the cream/gel in a back-and-forth circular motion, and leave it on for two minutes before shaving. Pick a light and fruity scent to get you in the summer spirit.
  •         Soothe, hydrate and protect. Apply an alcohol-free aftershave or moisturizer to rehydrate your skin and help prevent razor burn. Be sure to protect your skin with sunscreen every time you step outside so you can enjoy summer activities to the fullest!

Wherever your legs take you this summer on vacation, BIC® Soleil ShineTM/MC will help you get summer-ready so you can shine on, all season long!


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