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Looking for a workout that targets all 620 muscles and has anti-aging benefits? Then look no further, ESSENTRICS is what you’ve been searching for! Developed by Miranda Esmonde-White, former National Ballet of Canada ballerina and author of Aging Backwards, and her daughter Sahra Esmonde-WhiteESSENTRICS is a dynamic workout that incorporated the strengthening principles of ballet and the healing movements of tai chi in this brand new fitness regime. It activates all of the muscles in the body, increases flexibility, and releases the body’s own innate ability to age backwards through a series of ground breaking stretches that engage your muscles perfect for every fitness level. ESSENTRICS strengthens while stretching every muscle in the body in a lengthened position, rebalancing the muscular structure in continuous rotational movements to create long, lean muscles.
“The new ESSENTRICS Ultimate Stretch series targets multiple health and aesthetic related goals,” says co-founder of ESSENTRICS, Sahra Esmonde-White. “Through a series of dynamic stretches, participants are able to both stretch and strengthen through eccentric movement, promoting injury prevention, healing properties, and anti-aging techniques all the while toning and firming to create long, lean muscles.”

How it Works!

  1. Stretching: The only stretch workout that systematically works through every muscle and joint in the body; ESSENTRICS provides a deep stretch to the muscle chains, enabling the body to move fluidly and effortlessly in all daily activities.
  2. Strengthening: Through dynamic movements that engage and activate the full body, ESSENTRICS simultaneously lengthens and strengthens every muscle, resulting in greater joint mobility and lean, long muscles.
  3. Injury Prevention: ESSENTRICS rebalances the full muscular structure, preparing the muscles and tendons to both withstand and rebound injury-free from any unexpected twists, turns and stresses. Many Olympians and professional athletes, such as the Montreal Canadiens, are currently practicing ESSENTRICS as part of their regular workout regime, resulting in muscle empowerment, greater performance on game day, and limited seasonal injuries compared to their competitors.
  4. Healing: Blood is the ultimate healing agent for the human body as it brings nutrients and oxygen to the muscles — healing and energizing at the same time. ESSENTRICS opens the pathways for blood to flow into, rebalancing the body by strengthening and stretching all the muscles around the injury, giving it a chance to heal.
  5. Anti-Aging: Given the proper tools, the human body has the ability to prevent aging without any medicine, all through the power of purposeful movement. Aging of the body happens on a cellular level; in order to prevent the signs of aging in the body, cells must be kept alive and engaged. ESSENTRICS activates and engages all cells for a complete workout.


The new ESSENTRICS Stretch DVD is currently available on ETV (Essentrics TV)

  • ETV — a live steaming membership site where you can stream ESSENTRICS or CLASSICAL STRETCH DVDs ONLINEdirect from your computer, smartphone or tablet
  • DVD HARD COPIES will be available in mid-January 2015 ($34.95)

With its flagship studio in Montreal, ESSENTRICS is has over 1000 certified instructors worldwide and numerous ESSENTRICS and Classical Stretch DVD series, sold internationally. For more information, videos, and worldwide class listings, visit

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