Summer 2017 Workshops : Toronto

I cannot get enough of workshops around the city and Toronto is a great place to find a lot of workshops that can tickle any fancy. This summer I have decided to change the style of typical workshops I may take and look at taking some workshops that I would normally be fearful of. Here are some workshops that I am excited about this summer:

Source: Art of Living Foundation

Mind & Meditation Workshops

There are a ton of these around the City to find a date that suits your needs, but the Art of Living Foundation is hosting a free workshop on Tuesday, July 25th from 7-8:30PM.



Laser-Cut Workshops

STEAM LABS offers many innovative workshops that help adults and children use tools to create items. This summer they are offering Laser Cut Beer Holder workshops that will teach you how to create shapes on Illustrator, merge vector files, and operate a laser cutter among other things.

Source: Indie Boho Studio

WEaving/Macrame Workshop

I have been literally trying to attend either a Weaving or Macrame Workshop and Indie Boho Studios seems to have a great resource for fulfilling workshops and including materials.

Source: Rowan Homespun Market | Apothecary

natural WORKSHOP

Literally every workshop Rowan Homespun Market/ Apothecary schedules is a sure hit, from wellness, to nutrition, to floral they are all wonderful and I would highly recommend taking a workshop there. This summer we are most excited for the DIY Natural Hair Care workshop on Saturday July 29th from 12:30-3PM.


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