Summer Reading Book Club – Z: Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald

Summer time seems to be the time of year where we can most enjoy a book stress free. Lying outside in the sun with a really good book, totally a perfect setting. Being a very avid reader, I tend to go through books so fast that I could basically return them the week after in the book store. Recently though, I finished a book that had me wanting to know so much more about this fascinating person. It also seems fitting to write about this fascinating person, as it would of been her 115th birthday the 24th of July.

Fitzgerald has become a commonly heard name in the past year. With the movie that came out staring Leonardo Dicaprio, The Great Gatsby.  If you aren’t into American literature, The Great Gatsby is a novel written by the author F. Scott Fitzgerald. ( 1896 – 1940 ) Under his belt he also has such titles to his name such as, Beautiful and Damned, This Side of Paradise … Lesser known is his wife, Zelda Fitzgerald. ( Sayre )



To be honest, I didn’t have much of a clue who Zelda Fitzgerald was when I picked up the book. It will be quite hard to not give away too much of her story because I strongly want you to pick up the book! Not written by Mrs. Fitzgerald herself, who happened to be a novelist like her husband, but written by Therese Ann Fowler who brings Zeldas colourful voice to life. The book is written as a fictional autobiography, as most of her writings have been lost. However, it is all based on truth, recreated by diaries and letters written between Scott and Zelda or between the Fitzgeralds and friends.

The iconic flapper, whose rise and fall has come to define the Jazz Age, was born in Montgomery Alabama. She was the 1920s It girl and has most of the nation wrapped around her little finger. After marrying Scott, she became the star and heroine of his novels and short stories. He often found inspiration for his own writings in Zeldas diaries.



She was a woman with her own ideas and wanted to forge her own path, away from her wife of famous author personality. Zelda became in her own right, a ballet dancer, painter and author, all though she never got to see her dreams come to completion.

This book, is not only a tragic but passionate love story between Scott and Zelda, but a story that is as much heartbreaking as it is mesmerizing. You won’t be disappointed in picking up this book!



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