“Summer Road Trip Ideas” as seen on CTV Morning Live

While the summer months are just around the corner, long weekends and warmer days are beckoning you to jump in your car and head on to the open road. This summer, I’m exploring Ontario in the Acura RDX. This mid-sized SUV is the the perfect option for your summer road trips because it drives smoothly and has a 279 horsepower engine. With enough space to accommodate my luggage and active lifestyle in the trunk, the middle seats also fold down to fit my larger sporting equipment. To help ignite your travel bug, here is a look at where you should plan your road trip this summer with destinations that are only 4 hours away (or slightly under).

1. The Finger Lakes
Located just south of Ottawa in Central New York, the Finger Lakes are a grouping of 11 narrow lakes that offer visitors plenty to do for the whole family. Whether you love hiking through Finger Lakes National Park or are hoping to enjoy a glass of their local Riesling grown on the banks of the lakes, enter through Syracuse and travel south to the Lake Region to unwind during the summer months.

2. Cobourg, Ontario
If you are looking to enjoy small town Ontario, than look no further than the cozy little town of Cobourg in Northhumberland County. Spend your days soaking in the sun on their sandy beach or by the marina and nights enjoying the local restaurants in town. And for all of the ladies looking to getaway for a bit, St. Ann’s Spa is just a quick drive away in neighbouring town Grafton.

3. Halliburton, Ontario
For me, summer just isn’t summer without a trip up to cottage country. While just as beautiful, Halliburton is an affordable alternative to its more expensive northern Ontario counterparts offering those classically Canadian lake front views that boarder Algonquin Park that we all love. Take advantage of the warmer weather to plan a weekend away at one of the lodges or bed and breakfasts in the area while enjoying the nature hiking on lade or kayaking in the water.

4. Northern Virginia
Just a short (and direct!) flight from Ottawa to the Washington Dulles airport, rent a car and explore the rich history and culture of upstate Virginia. While this destination has been a popular spot for civil war buffs, this area offers so much more from romantic dinners in old town Alexandria (where the Obama’s spend romantic holidays) to travelling over to Loudoun County to immerse yourself in the heart of Virginian Horse County to catch a glimpse of these elaborate Georgian mansions.

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