Support “The Hermit Songs Project” Kickstarter Campaign

Once of the best parts of our social society, is the online communities that have foster to help share information. It is with the help of platforms such as Kickstarter than arts and culture have been able to find a new platform for support and funding. So today I’ve decided to share with you a local artistic project that is well worth your support.

The “The Hermit Songs Project” is a collective artistic vision between Shayne Gray, Heidi Wall and Natasha Campbell. The Hermit Songs is a group of 10 classical songs written in 1953 by the American composer Samuel Barber. We are recording these songs with the very talented, award winning sound engineer and producer Earl McCluskie. These three talented individuals have choose to bringthem together to create a masterpiece of music, art and film in a whole new form of expression.

For more information about their Kickstarter Campaign and to learn how you can donate, please click HERE.


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