Thanksgiving Spirits

This Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to set up a very special bar for my guests. Whether they prefer a drink on the rocks or mixed to perfection; I’m stocking my bar with the Star of Bombay and Craigellachie 13.

The Star of Bombay is a slow distilled gin made to be enjoyed on its own or in a cocktail. It differs from the traditional Bombay Sapphire as this new blend was made with two new botanicals; the Ambrette Seed from Ecuador and Bergamot Seed from Sicily. Its smooth and deeply captivating taste is defined by the distinct flavours of the hand picked exotic botanicals and is made through vapour infusion and slow distillation.
img_3173-1For a fuller bodied flavour, Craigellachie 13 distillery was first created in 1891 by Peter Mackie. The distillery uses “worm tubs” to cool the vapour and condense the spirit back into liquid form resulting in a strong, sulphur flavour. Aged for 13 years, this whiskey is a vibrant gold colour with forward butterscotch candy aromatics with notes of white grapefruit, hay and smoke to create an easy-drinking and mellow flavour.

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