The 7 Virtues of Lisa Ray

We are fortunate to live in an interconnected world that allows us to be informed and educated consumers. We know where our coffee beans are grown, how our clothes are being made and the farmers that are growing our produce. But do you ever think of where your cosmetic products are coming from?

Launching on the United Nation’s International Day of Peace, acclaimed activist and actress Lisa Ray has created her own fragrance with the The 7 Virtues®, a Canadian company living the mantra “Make Perfume Not War®. Creating a sensual floral scent made with natural essential oils from regions impacted by war or strife in an effort to rebuild through the power of scent. Her own scent, the Lisa Ray Jasmine of India is inspired by her home country made with invigorating notes of orange blossom, cardamom, ginger, frankincense and myrrh with the exotic Jasmine flower.
fullsizerender-10Being vocal about her own illness, activism and empowerment of women all over the globe, Lisa Ray is rediscovering  the way we see the world through beauty by giving back in any way she can. “Our new jasmine fragrance takes me back to my childhood, where Jasmine adorned temples and decorated women’s hair,” says Lisa Ray. “It acts as a reminder to slow down, breathe and recognize the divine in everyday life. I am humbled to have been part of a project that gives back to the Jasmine farmers of India with the purchase of every bottle.”
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