The Avengers: Age of Ultron


Last night, I had the chance to see an epic advanced screening of The Avengers: Age of Ultron presented by SUBWAY Restaurants. Full of action, humour, and a surprising amount of character depth and exploration, The Avengers: Age of Ultron is that for which everyone has been waiting. Casual fans will be rewarded with a summer blockbuster in which the stakes are higher and the action quicker, more frequent and more explosive with plenty of charm and humour. More serious fans will see that this is far more than just celebratory fireworks to mark the culmination of the second phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; this film moves the characters forward in very significant ways through seamless integration with an excellent stand-alone story.

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This is a sequel done right. It is not simply a rehash of Avengers: Assemble where the heroes have to once again learn to work together. Instead, this sequel provides a new story that explores the characters to an extent we have not yet seen in the MCU. This film is more serious, darker and not one dedicated to celebrating the success of the franchise. The Avengers have realized that they truly are Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and in a preemptive measure to make the world safe once and for all, they inadvertently create a challenge far more personal and single-minded. Through facing the destruction brought about by their best intentions, they realize that their potential is restricted by their own personal limitations. Ultimately they must accept the responsibilities that their position demands of them.

Whatsmore, as the MCU becomes more realized the tensions that must exist on such a team become more apparent, and it becomes apparent that these tensions cannot always be resolved. This is a franchise ready to move on and doing so. It is not overly sentimental and it knows its limits, logistically and emotionally, with such a large cast. To its credit, the film never feels crowded unless it is supposed to.

The cast –new and old—plumb to depths to make everyone more human, while James Spader as the titular Ultron is sincere and sinister. Now that Joss Whedon has fulfilled his contract with Marvel I can say that he saved his best for last.

Go and see it.

P.S. There is only one post-credits scene

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