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Last week, I headed down to the beautiful Berkeley Field house in Toronto and got pampered with THEFACESHOP. Discovering the chemistry between beauty and skin care, to celebrate their official Canadian launch, THEFACESHOP hosted a wonderful evening to explore their beauty lab. Over the last few years THEFACESHOP has been travelling from Korea all over the world to enlighten women about the natural science behind skin care. Creating high quality products, at affordable prices, each item is made with only the finest ingredients to meet what you’re searching for in term of beauty made from the healing and nourishing powers of nature. 1520656_826318954123594_1598679800751825663_n

Harnessing the power of Chia, Calming and Mango Seed, the THEFACESHOP has launched a complete collection of skincare products that not only helps soften the skin and calms the skin but also improves its elasticity leaving you with luminous skin just in time for spring!
The Face ShopIf a more specialized skin care product is what you’re looking for, they also offer a wide range of innovative skincare and beauty products that target problem areas. So whether you have sensitive, oily, acne prone, mature skin or more, there is a product there that will treat exactly what you’re needing a little extra help with.
The Face ShopLately, I’ve been adding face masks into my daily beauty regime. With a large selection of masks, you can choose the perfect one to suit your skin care needs. Not only are they convenient and affordable, they are also a full skin mask sheet which you apply to your face in one go making them SUPER easy to use!  I can’t wait to give my new mask made with bamboo a try.
The Face ShopTHEFACESHOP has also launched a full collection of makeup with a range of colours and shades to match your upcoming spring looks perfectly. With a few collections to choose from, there pick from one of their many beautiful nails colours to get the perfect mani and pedi at home.
The Face Shop
The Face ShopTo add to the excitement of the evening, we sip delicious infused Prosecco cocktails from BEVLAB and went home with a homemade terrarium from Crown Flora!
Crown Flora

For more information on THEFACESHOP, visit them online here or visit one of their stores all across Canada.

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