The Importance Of Eating Well With Smash Juice Bar

Ever since we were little, we we’ve been taught the importance of eating a balanced diet. But as your day gets busier, and your parents no longer pack your lunch with all of the food groups, it sometimes seems easier just to opt for the quickest, cheapest option when you’re on your break. But eating well is essential in staying healthy as it gives your body the nutrition it needs to function properly and fight disease and illness. So take the time today to put yourself first and fix your eating habits.

JCL_20141126_0237Although eating healthy isn’t always easy for the busy person on the go. That’s why I was so happy to find a place like Smash Juice Bar which overs an all-natural menu of delicious lunch time meals and treats that look and taste like a guilty pleasure. Thinking about your health and wellness in a something that you take into consideration. By preserving the natural vitamins, enzymes and nutrients found in foods, Smash Juice Bar provides a space where living a healthy life is accessible. Nourishing your body from the inside out, their complete wellness menu includes refreshing cold press juices, wholesome vegan cuisine, snacks and desserts, sparking probiotic beverages (kombucha & kefir water), nutritious waters and handmade nut milks and their own line of all-natural edible skin care products. Looking for the extra kick start to your healthy living goal? Try one of the 1, 3 or 5 day cleanses which include food, because let’s face it, it’s tough completing a cleanse if you don’t feel fully nourished. And if you’re going to cheat… it may as well be with something that’s good for you! Find out more about Smash Juice Bar or to contact one of their nutritionists for advice, visit them online here.
160A1274My picks

To drink….Mango Kombucha

(Ingredients: Kombucha, filtered water, sugar cane, black tea, green tea, apple-grape-orange juice, mango puree, live cultures)

Savor the rich, tangy flavour of this delicious kombucha blend, made with organic mango juice and original kombucha.

To eat… Superfood Salad

(Ingredients: Sprouted chickpeas, broccoli, carrots, kale, sunflower seeds, goji berries, fresh herbs, vinaigrette dressing /olive oil, brown rice vinegar, water, ginger, celery, tamari, agave, lemon juice, sea salt)

Charged with rich plant-based antioxidants for a cleansing detox, this superfood salad is loaded with wholesome plant proteins and drizzled with vinegar-based dressing for a sweet mouthful.

All images provided by Party Impressions Photography.

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