#CREATORS: The Inspiration Behind Vitaly

Native Torontonian designer Shane Vitaly Foran has reinvented the way men (and women!) are thinking about fashion. Producing simple yet stand out rings, bracelets, pendants and chains, and most recently diving into fashion design…their unique, industrially made designs  accessories have becoming modern fashion staple. Vitaly was inspired from Shane’s own explorations through Central Bali, Indonesia where he worked with local craftsmen to create a few simple designs. Bringing those ideas home to Canada, Shane Vitaly Foran joined together with his close friend and business partner Jason Readman and Vitaly was born. We caught up with Vitaly Designer and Founding Partner Shane Vitaly Foran while he was travelling through Asia to learn more about this great brand.

  1. What first inspired you to develop Vitaly?

 I was inspired by all the masters carvers and silversmiths I stumbled across in Ubud, Bali while I was on a three month backpacking trip immediately after graduating University.

  1. How do you develop the concept for your designs?

That’s definitely a tricky question to answer. From a technical standpoint, most of my products are designed on my computer through 3D blueprinting software. The ideas, however, basically come from everywhere. Sometimes I just jump out of bed with an idea and other times I’m looking at an older piece and realize I’d like to twist or tweak it in some way or another. My friends and what they might want to wear is also always a consideration.


  1. What are the growing trends in male accessories and fashion?

I think men are just wearing more accessories in general right now and the idea that jewelry is feminine is quickly evaporating. Men’s wardrobes are getting simpler (less patterns, less collars, less colours) and they’re using accessories to step up their style.

  1. Have you encountered any challenges in expanding the range of your business to include accessories and clothing? 

Not as of yet, though thus far we’ve really only tested clothing. The test went very, very well but it’s hard to say if we’ll be able to keep seeing the same success. Ultimately though, it’s a really fun new part of the business for me and even though it may never be a super lucrative wing, it’s one I’d like to continue building.

  1. What is the message you would like to express through the creation of your line?

I hate to admit it, but I think that might be diving deeper than I’ve really consciously gone. I guess if my line does say anything though, I think it’s that there is a ton of room for androgynous fashion, that simple designs can still make a statement, and that quality does have to mean expensive.


  1. Are there any future plans or projects on Vitaly’s radar that you would like to let our readers know about?

We’re about to do a pop-up shop in Bali. If it goes well, we’ll be opening up our first retail store here and hopefully many afterwards – that’s pretty exciting for us and a big step! It just feels appropriate to open our first store where it all started.

While we’re over here working on that project, I’m also getting a ton of time in to design new lines and to really delve into what the brand’s overall strategy will be for the next couple of years which I absolutely love doing.


All images provided by http://vitalydesign.ca/

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