The Latest in Food Trends with Dana McCauley

Food trend expert and former Food Network judge Dana McCauley knows a whole lot about food. The host of Food Trends TV on YouTube, Dana spends her days decoding whats new and innovative in the world of food. We had the chance to sit town with Dana to chat about the next foodie trends to watch out for to help you be at the top of your culinary game!

1. What is one of the biggest food trends of 2016?

2016 is an interesting year as there are so many food trends that are having a big effect on the food scene. On the one hand, we see a huge interest in national flavours and eating local but on the other hand, consumers have never been more adventurous and eager to incorporate international flavours into their daily eating repertoire.

2. Have you noticed a shift for a specific culture’s food being elevated in the Canadian landscape?

Asian flavours – from India to Thailand and Korea – used to be considered ethnic but are now mainstreaming in part due to immigration patterns as well as because new comers to Canada often enter the foodservice business when they immigrate, sharing their cooking and know-how with co-workers and the public. The fact that Thai Sweet Chilli is one of the Lays Do Us a Flavour winners proves that these flavours are not just appealing but tops with Canadians
Lay's Thai Sweet Chili3. How do you see it being adopted in the mainstream market?

Walk down the aisle of the local grocery store and you’ll see that international flavours are not sequestered in the ethnic flavour aisle but in the snack, sauce, frozen and meat sections. We are officially a country of multi-cultural eaters!

4. What is your favourite foodie trend of 2016? 

I love that food waste has become a topic of interest for food lovers, chefs and the general public. Zero waste restaurants are becoming more prolific, ugly produce is no longer composted but sold in abundance by national grocers and food conferences such as the Canadian Food Summit feature panel discussions about how cities can help to limit food waste and feed more people.

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