The Taste of Italy At Ovest

I love Italian food. But, after travelling all over that beautiful country, I have to say that I’ve become kind of picky when it comes to tasting true Italian cooking. Plus, with some of my closest friends being Italian, I’ve become quite spoiled when it comes to tasting their cuisine. So finding out about Ovest was quiet the treat. Putting their heart, soul and flavours of the homeland in every dish, Ovest infuses their own unique interpretation of traditional Italian dishes. Led by Chef Davide Iannaci, stepping into Ovest is like being transported back to an Italian cantina with the walls line with olive oil and Italian wine creating cozy corners for guests to nestle into in this large restaurant.

OvestFullSizeRender (4)Although their menu is not lengthy, Ovest prides itself for creating a selection of high quality traditional dishes extremely well with only the finest seasonal ingredients. Choosing from four sections; guest may enjoy antipasto, pasta, pizza and secondo to satiate their appetite. Ovest

But without further adieu, I bring you the photos of the food you have all been waiting for. Here is what we ate last week during the Chef’s Tasting menu! We began the evening with their version of beef tartar and the most delicious prosciutto with melon and ricotta I’ve ever tasted.

OvestFullSizeRender (1) We then moved on the pasta dishes. They have rethought the classic risotto by infusing it with a delicious saffron flavour and adorning it with truffles. A summer favourite, the agnolotti was stuffed with swiss chard and topped with a butter parmiagiano sauce that was light in texture but full in flavour.OvestOvestThe pasta dishes were then offset with a light fish (branzino) plate accompanied by fresh Italian vegetables prepared fresh to order. Ovest

And of course, there is always room for dessert. They accurately named “chocolate surprise” reveals a delectable inside of chocolate mouse, berries and pistachio once the chocolate shell is drizzled with a warm caramel sauce.


Ovest is located at 788 King St. West, between Niagara St. and Tecumseth St.

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