The Ultimate BBQ for Beer Lovers Launches on Kickstarter

Combining innovative design and quality with the love of beer, BBKeg creates the ultimate grilling experience. BBKeg is a fully functioning gas barbecue constructed from a beer keg. The handle used to open the lid is a beer tap found at your local bar. With the option of interchangeable beer taps, BBKeg’s handle can be customized to suit everyone’s taste in beer. BBKeg is easily portable, allowing for grilling all terrain. Made completely of high grade stainless steel, BBKeg will never rust.

“BBKeg isn’t just a beauty, it’s a beast,” says founder and CEO of BBKeg  Ryan Swiderski. “ BBKeg has one of the largest primary grilling spaces available. The barbecue has three burners for superior zoned heat control, ensuring your meal is grilled to perfection. BBKeg is the only barbecue to boast rotating heat tents, the perfect feature for any grilling master.  Whether you’re grilling up burgers at a tailgate or smoking ribs on the patio, BBKeg has got your love of beer and barbecue covered.”

Remember, it’s better to have barbecued and burnt then to have never barbecued at all.

BBKeg will be available for purchase starting on Kickstarter.  BBKeg retails for $799, however for the duration of the campaign BBKeg will have a special, limited time discounted rate up to 50% off.  BBKeg can be purchased online and ships across Canada and the United States.

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