The Urban Cyclists’ Essentials

To celebrate the arrival of spring weather, I am getting my bicycle out and all ready to go for the next few months of warmer weather. After visiting Copenhagen, Denmark a few summers ago, a city where one third of the population relies on bicycles ad their primary mode of transportation, I fell in love with their cycle chic culture where everything was accessible through a well-maintained network of paths and separated lanes. But navigating through Toronto on two wheels can sometimes doesn’t have to be difficult. Plan your route ahead of time with the help of the City of Toronto Cycling Map. So today, I decided to share with you’re my cycling essentials. What are yours?

A great bike.

The key to being able to cycle around the city, is finding a stylish and functional bike for the urban landscape. I recently discovered the OPUS bicycle company who mixes modern technology in a retro inspired frame. Available in seven different colours in an 6061 aluminum frame, this bike will help you stand out on the path and you speed your way through the city.

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Safety first.

Protect your brain while you cycle but investing in a durable helmet. Falls can happen to even the most experienced of riders so it is important that no matter how short of a distance you are riding, that you always wear your helmet. But putting your safety first doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little fun with its colour and design with one of these Nutcase Helmet’s.



All of the accessories.

The next time that you’re at your local cycle store or outdoor living store stock up on all of the essentials to make you’re the perfect urban rider. Canadian Tire and other stores like it have seasonal aisles filled with a range bicycle accessories at great prices. This year, I decided to invest in a high quality lock, a compact bike light for nighttime riding, and a removable bag for the back rack of my bike. If you are using your bike to commute or to run errands, it is very handy to have build in storage areas on the back or sides of your bike to carry everything you need around.

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