The Wedding Co. Spring Market

Following up to their highly successful event in February, The Wedding Co. hosted their Spring Event at the Gladstone Hotel on May 2nd. This beautiful show featured one of a kind vendors that showcased their creativity through distinctive options and displays. Since I am personally in the midst of planning my own wedding it was a great experience for me to attend the event; what I loved about this specific event was the intimacy and limited amount of vendors so I was not overwhelmed. From bridal accessories, to florals, to décor, to photographers and videographers, and everything in between there was a lot to swoon over. What was extra special about this event was the time each vendor took to speak with you and tell you their approach to their art and they were very curious about how my planning process was unfolding.

Since I am in the beginning stages of planning my wedding and still figuring out what I like and don’t like this event was extra helpful and even had me thinking of some things I hadn’t even considered. So, here are some of my favourite vendors that I got to speak with at the event:

joseph and jaime
Late Bloomers Lanterns

Upon entering the show, Late Bloomers Lanterns was one of the first vendors I spoke with. Using vintage jars from the 30s, Kate creates paper flowers by hand and illuminates them in the jars for a whimsical and unique illumination device. These lanterns are available by rental only and can be used for many different décor options.

late bloomers lanterns -joseph and jaime
IMG_0718late bloomers lanterns - krysta mohammed2
Sweet Woodruff

If you have never heard of Sweet Woodruff you will be really happy I mentioned them. Known for their impeccable approach to floral designs this multi-purpose company has now launched an event planning division. Sweet Woodruff is known for their floral arrangement tutorials, incredible blooms and now planning and décor.
sweet woodruff - krysta mohammed 2
sweet woodruff - krysta mohammed

Sugargirlee & Co.

Making balloons fancy is their thing. I was SO in love with their “XO” balloon, it had me feeling like a little girl. Known for custom crafted and luxury balloons; their signature tassel frills give these balloons that girlie feel. These balloons are most definitely necessary for photo ops.

sugargirlee co - krysta mohammed

Coriander Girl

Oh my, these girls have style and talent. Coriander Girl had a beautiful set up of dusty toned flower arrangements with miscellaneous vintage items. I immediately fell in love with this vendor, who had this great style and personality that made me want to immediately go to their shop and buy an arrangement. What I found even more amazing is that this brand is known to host incredibly unique floral workshops, like how to make a flower crown! Not only is the Coriander Girl about flowers, they love them some vintage finds (yes they do sell them) and have some really cute shop animals like Harry their adorable rabbit and Olive the sweet pup.
coriander girl - krysta mohammed
coriander girl - joseph and jaime

Blush & Bowties

Alexandra McNamara is the woman behind Blush & Bowties. This company offers wedding planning and event planning services as well as vintage décor rentals. What made Alexandra stand out to me was her fresh approach and sweet demeanor. She had a beautifully crafted booth that was full or rustic and vintage charm, that really stood out to me and showed her fantastic execution and fine detail.

blush and bowties - joseph and jaime

Vango Photo Booth

What’s cooler than a photo booth? How about a photo booth on wheels? Vango Photo Booth looks like a 1960’s VW Kombi and is so unique I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. They had their photo booth stationed outside of the Gladstone Hotel so everyone on the street could interact with the booth. This custom photo booth is built directly into their mobile van and creates traditional 2×6” prints in Black & White, Colour or Sepia.

vango Photo booth - joseph and jaime

Photo Credits: Joseph & Jaime Photography

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