The Winning Formula for the Perfect Hotel Stay

When you plan a vacation, what are the most important things that you think about? Where to go? How do you get there? Where will you stay? Picking the perfect hotel stay can help make your vacation a truly memorable one. In the age of social media, more travelers are basing their hotel bookings from recommendations and consumer feedback online on websites like But, with the increasing amount of information circulation around the web, the team at, with the help of consumer psychologist Dr. Simon Moore, has developed a winning formula to help you book the perfect hotel stay.

F25 + C35 + B10 + P2 + Q + Br + D7 + S + W + ½H = Hotel Perfection

F = How friendly are the staff

C= Perceived cleanliness of the room

B= How comfortable is the bed

P= Perceived Reasonable Price

Q= Quietness of the room

S = Swimming pool

Br= Breakfast is included

D = Location/Walking distance/access

W = Free WiFi

H= Hot drink available to make in room

HP = Overall hotel perfection

Travellers are looking more and more for hotels that are clean, comfortable with a good Wi-Fi connection. Which makes sense because at the end of the day, all you really need is a place to unwind and upload the photos from your trip. has gone one step further to award 2,500 gold winners in this year’s Loved by Guests Awards. These hotels have been recognized as truly outstanding and have all achieved an average guest rating of 4.7 or higher in addition to 1,000 hotels have also been crowned winners across ten bespoke ‘Best for’ categories.

Where will are you travelling next? Do you have a favourite hotel to stay at?

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