Things Your Massage Therapist Wants You To Know

Being a Massage Therapist, you see all kinds of people with a large variety of conditions and concerns.

You might have had a terrible massage once and swore off ever letting someone near your body to treat you again. Maybe you have never gotten one before because you think you are too self-conscious to enjoy one. Or even you have been massaged frequently in the past but never fully relax due to concerns you may have but never voice to your therapist. This article is for you.



Don’t worry that you haven’t shaved your legs. Seriously. We probably won’t even notice until you mention it, even then we will forget about it the moment we stop massaging your legs. You don’t hear guys apologizing about not shaving their beard. The only body issue we really care about is if you have showered or not.

The sounds your body makes are totally normal. When your body enters a relaxations state, your parasympathetic system, which means things like your digestive system get kicked into gear. Tummy rumbles, snoring, even passing gas. All totally normal. It just means your body is relaxed.

Your body is beautiful. We see a whole lot of bodies. That means touching and treating their naked bodies. We really don’t care what your body looks like, our only concern is your health. So scars, cellulite, mole or whatever you might be self-conscious about are things that won’t jump to our attention.

Please, do not call us Masseuse. We are professionals that have gone to school and trained hard to be in this field of work.  What comes to mind when people say Masseuse, is a shady, under-the-table Massage parlour in Montreal that offer “happy endings”. Some might think it’s funny, but to be safe you don’t want to insult the person that could be able to put a little extra pressure on a sensitive spot on your body.

Communicate. If you leave the massage super grumpy because we didn’t meet your needs or tells us your complaints only at the end of the massage, we won’t be able to ameliorate during the actual massage. Things are easily adjustable during the treatment. Our number one goal is your comfort. So please tell us if something is not right!  Don’t be shy to tell us if there too much pressure, not enough pressure, you are not comfortable, the music is annoying etc. But please remember that your Massage is not supposed to feel like you’re being tortured.

A butt is a butt. There is absolutely no need to be shy of your derrière. For us, it’s a big muscles and a large part of our job is working with muscles. Especially, if you have lower back or leg pain, chances are that the area that needs the most work will be your gluteals.

Respect our draping. If we need to work on your gluteals, we will probably ask you to take off your underwear for the Massage. If you are obsoletely not comfortable, please voice your worries with your Therapist. Just know that during a Massage though, you are always covered by the sheets, so we only undrape the body part we will be working on. We will always be respectful to you, so please do the same to us.

Hopefully after reading this you will let go of any misconceptions you might of had and go enjoy a relaxing massage!

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