Timberlost x Rowan Homespun Flower Crown Workshop

There is something about fresh flower crowns that is just so magical, not only do they look amazing but they smell great. I am fangirling over the resurgence of flower crowns and how the festival look is being brought into the real world. Rowan Homespun Market/ Apothecary is a beautifully curated atmosphere that says true to their philosophy and supports local vendors, farmers, artisans and crafters alike. I was given the opportunity to attend one of their incredible workshops that revolved around creating fresh floral crowns. The workshop itself was instructed by renowned flower whisperer Lauren Wilson of Timberlost & Humblebound who is an incredibly talented florist, instructor and artist.
Picnic Cheese BoardWorking Hands
The entire afternoon was magical in itself, upon arrival the studio/workshop space was converted into a florists daydream with beautiful dried herbs hanging on the walls, the flowers for the workshop in mason jars creating a stunning tablescape, and there was natural light flooding the space. The workshop included a picnic that was displayed in the back of the room that would make anyone drool, and Lauren served fresh blood orange mimosas upon arrival (I was so utterly excited over this!).
Prepping for Arranging
Obviously I don’t want to give too many details and instruction away, but Lauren did a fantastic job breaking down each step, simplifying the entire construction and helping boost creativity. She had prepared different bases to build the crowns from which allowed us be inspired by the different textures; I myself chose to use a rustic twine to fasten my crown to my head.

Step 1

I had spent the week leading up anticipating and mulling over different floral crown designs; but once I arrived I got completely inspired by the blooms Lauren carefully picked out for us. Available were beautiful garden roses in a dusty lavender palette, bright fuchsia roses, eucalyptus branches, lisianthus flowers in a soft pink/white tone and some beautiful white garden flowers. The palette Lauren had created for us was simple yet timeless and worked beautifully. I would highly recommend taking this workshop as I learned so much about how intricate flower crowns are, there is a lot of effort required into planning and creating these beauties. Lauren suggests making the crowns the day they are required, and unfortunately they do not last very long however I did dry mine out and I have it beautifully draped on the edge of a frame in my room for added decor. My Finished Crown

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