Tips for Improving Your Home Office

There are many perks of being a freelancer; the flexibility of your schedule, the ability to work remotely and having chance to work from home. But, with all of the benefits from working from home, one of the most important things to keep in mind when designing your home office is to be able to keep your work and your life separate. As you’re starting the new year with high hopes ahead, here are my 3 tips for improving your home office.

1. This about storage solutions. Keeping your work area tidy will help you become more productive and keep track of your ongoing project. Simple shelving units and a clean desk space like  these from Article are a great way to section off which areas are used for work and which areas are for leisure.
image188562. Find innovative ways to make your home ergonomic. Adjustable standing desks like the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 is an easy option to let you shift from sitting to standing in seconds and improve your over all posture.
5. Varidesk3. Add colour to your space. The little pop of colour, decor and personal touches are great way to make the space more inviting and turn into a place where you are most productive.

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