Top 6 Poetry Instagrams to Get You Inspired

I have mentioned in previous articles, such as, Top Female Adventures to Follow on Instagram, how this specific social media tool has become a very interesting way for companies and artists to reach thousands of people, for free. Since a very young age, I have developed a love affair with word, devouring books and poetry every chance I could get. So it’s to no surprise, when I stumbled on the poetry accounts of Instagram, that they became some of my favourites.

Poetry is an art form that predates literacy. In societies, where reading was not common, poetry was used as a mean of recording oral history, storytelling, law and many other forms of expression or knowledge. Poetry makes you think, it makes you feel something, it reminds you that you are not alone in this world feeling like that.

1. Tyler Knott Gregson      @Tylerknott

Probably the first Poet and Author, I stumbled upon, that made me fall in love with words all over again. His poems make you believe in the good of humanity.


2. Fortesa Latifi    @fortesa_latifi

Fortesas writings remind you of your first love, your first heart break, and everything in-between that happens in life. But most of all, she reminds us to find the magic in all of it.


3. Christopher Poindexter    @Christopherpoindexter

His words are truly magic. A mix of Bukowski, infused with a whole lot of love for the human race. Plus his love with his girlfriend, @_leiluna is the cutest thing ever.


4. Beau Taplin   @Beautaplin

There is something about his writing that just fills you with a sense of strength, like you can achieve anything.


5. Amanda Torrini   @Amandatorroni

Her voice is unlike any others. The soft pieces leave love bites on your soul after you are done. You will want to read another, after overtime you finish one poem.


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