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Training for a triathlon can be a rigorous process. The amount of stamina you’ll need to transition from swimming, to cycling to running is astonishing. Triathlons are a great way to get yourself in top physical condition because of the diversity in training that you’ll encounter. The training process also allows you to push yourself to a new level because your workout regime will include different disciplines, which will allow recovery between sessions. But if you’re truly dedicated enough to train for it, it is important to be conscious about how you are training to increase your endurance and reduce the chance of injury.

Although running is often an athlete’s strongest sport, after swimming and cycling; you may find yourself with a lower energy level then anticipated. When you add those extra two sports to your training schedule, you should also adjust your running schedule. If you are starting out with a shorter triathlon, you can continue your training up to the day of the race. However if you’re looking at participating in a longer one (or Iron Man competition), doctors recommend that you reach your goals two weeks before the race to allow for a break of only light training before the competition. It is also suggested that after the competition, that you allow for 10 days to three weeks recovery before you begin intense training again.

Spend at least one of your training sessions each week practicing the transition between each sport to learn how to work through that exhaustion. Once you’ve learnt how to cross train properly, your recovery in between activity will reduce dramatically. With at least one rest day a week, spread out your workout to include each activity while slowly increasing the duration of your activity by small increments each week until you finally reach the targeted distance. Your training schedule each work for six weeks leading up to the race could look like this:


Triathlon Training Plan by Andrew Kalley Source:

It is also important to pick your training gear to help improve your performance and accommodate you during this race. Pick clothes that are made durable, breathable and flexible materials to move with you as you train. Update your athletic wardrobe with some great waterproof options. This season, the water repellent Fullin B Zip Thru Hooded Jacket from Bench is a great versatile option to keep you comfortable and protected from the elements during your run. To keep you motivated while you’re training in any weather, aquapac has designed the perfect MP3 Case and 100% waterproof headphones that are designed to protect your device while offering exceptional sound quality…even underwater!
Triathlon Triathlon AquapacHelping to avoid some the frequent training injuries, the Stable 26 running socks are expertly created to help withstand the high impact of running on your feet. Made from breathable and ergonomic nylon material, these socks not only enhance the stability of the rear foot for a better fit, improved comfort and higher overall performance, they also help to decrease the overall foot temperature reducing the hot spots commonly experienced by longer distance runners. Constructed 4mm and 6mm medial and lateral silicone pads, these pads help increase your ankle stability while running.

What are your running must-haves?

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