Travelling Through Tuscany: Colle di Val d’Elsa to Volterra

Route SR68 In Tuscany view

Part Three of Four: Travelling Through Tuscany. Click to review earlier parts One (Florence to Monteriggioni) and Two (Monteriggioni to Colle di Val d’Elsa).

After enjoying a gorgeous free breakfast at the hotel, put on your walking shoes and get ready to take the drive of your life! Heading West 40 minutes will take you on a route SR68. A route so spectacular you will pull over many times to take pictures, like the one above.

Arriving in Volterra, parking can be tricky, so look for square blue signs with a capital P to guide you.

As you walk up the semi-steep entrance to the city, you are immediately struck by how out of breath you are; Volterra is a mighty 1,742 ft above sea level and first settled in the Bronze Age.

The view over the Viale dei Filisofi will leave you speechless. You can watch the storms roll in and marvel at how this city was constructed so many hundreds of years ago.

Volterra view

Volettra is now famous for their alabaster mines and craft work. Shops are peppered with alabaster gifts and sculptures.

volterra alabaster factory

A must-see in this city is the Roman Amphitheater. Built in the 1st century BCE, it was excavated in the 1950s.

Volterra Roman Ampitheatre

After a marvel at the amphitheater, a great stop for lunch is Un Saccogoloso, a restaurant with a lovely view over the historic city centre and Piazza XX Settembre. You haven’t lived until you try their truffle gnocchi. It is a pillowy indulgence that will leave you perfectly satisfied.

truffle gnocchi

After lunch, take a wander through this intricate town, filled with alleyways and interesting view points. Be awed by how the locals park while you stop into the shops to pick up some alabaster gifts.

parking in volterra

After saying so long to this enchanting and dramatic city, driving back to Colle di Val D’Elsa for dinner. I enjoyed the charm and ethos of Officina Della Cucina Popolare…which happens to be right across the street from the hotel! This popular restaurant serves artisanal, local food. Everything is made fresh and in-house. They prefer using small, local suppliers, so their menu is constantly changing based on what is available and in season.

officina della cucina colle di val d'elsa

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