Travelling to Italy with Nespresso

One of my favourite parts about travelling is getting the chance to try the different food and drinks from the region. From the champagne in France to the beer in Ireland, each country has created a unique palette of flavours that they are known for. And when you think of Italy, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Why the coffee of course. Known for the rich and aromatic Italian espresso, NESPRESSO has captured these flavours into two new capsules that transport you to La Bella Vita after one sip. This year, NESPRESSO launched two brand new limited-edition ristrettos, Tribute to Milano and Tribute to Palermo, which embodies the rich Italian tastes of Italian coffee culture.

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Tribute to Milano

Ristretto 25ml / Intensity 9

Coffee profile: A highly aromatic ristretto. The elegant result gives a delightful balance between fine fruity aromas and a sweet cereal notes.

Origins: Blend of Arabica’s from South and Central America is reinforced with a Guatemalan Robusta.

Milan is a city that is known for its history, culture but most of it it’s prominent position in the world’s fashion market. Known for its representation of the ‘new’ Italy, Milan has become a modern financial centre in the north of the country. The elegant notes of this coffee reflects the stylish and refined urban landscape of this city that has mixed together the old architecture with new business models perfectly.

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Tribute to Palermo

Ristretto 25ml / Intensity 11

Coffee profile: Intensely roasted to bring out aromas of cacao and spicy peppery notes. Full-bodied, this ristretto is enhanced by a silky texture for mouth-filling pleasure.

Origins: A powerful blend of East Africa Arabicas and Robustas

Palermo, on the other hand, is the capital city on the Italian island of Sicily. Contrasting Milan in the north, Palermo is located in the south and once was a busy port city that was integral in Italy’s growth and expansion through trade. Still to this day, Palermo is known for its port and shipbuilding industry that has characterized this unique city in the south. The intense and spicy notes in this coffee are reflective of vibrant culture in this Mediterranean island.


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