Unsound: Batman’s Music Festival

Unsound, simply put, is Batman’s music festival. It’s dark and it’s serious and takes place in an old abandoned power station, the exact spot where I’m fairly certain Bruce Wayne’s parents were shot.

Hosted at the now-abandoned Hearn Generating Station, with the unfinished floors, dripping pipes and Blade Runner-style accent lighting, you truly start to believe that a super villain was about to step onto the main stage and announce with a cackling laugh that you were about to be part of an experiment. The atmosphere was fantastically new and unlike anything I have attended before. This was worth the price of emission ($20 for one night, $35 for two) on its desiown.

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2

The Hearn Station truly was an industrial setting for industrial music and when I say that the music was industrial I mean that it made Nine Inch Nails look like The Rolling Stones; when I say the music was light and danceable I mean that it made Avicii look like an 80s synth band; and when I say it was experimental then you should try to imagine free-form jazz from Mars.

A personal highlight for me was a performance by Morton Subotnick playing the entirety of Silver Apples of the Moon, which is to say the man who invented electronic music performed the first electronic album from 1969. I also enjoyed the first danceable music, which occurred around 12:30PM, with DJ Lena Willikens in the side room. Lena kept the crowd in a groove by feeling and also feeding off our energy.

Many of the acts are, I imagine, profoundly alien to readers of this magazine. And if you only listen to Top 40 then Unsound will be a place of nightmares. But for the rest of us Unsound simply cannot be missed. If you are into experimental, electronic, industrial and above all heavy and intense music then Unsound just might be your Olympus.


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