Warm Up With a Chocolate Chai Hot Toddy

Unlike most of my friends, I love the winter. I love feeling the crisp cool air and the feeling of walking through the crunch of fresh white snow. Ever since I was little I’ve always love skiing and exploring in the snow. We used to drive up to our family cottage in upstate New York and spend almost every weekend on the slopes. But one of my favourite memories of skiing is, after a long day gliding down the hills, coming into the chalet and warming up on a cold with a cup of hot chocolate.

There will always be something about hot chocolate that will always remind me of those weekends and bring me back to my childhood. Something so comforting about hot chocolate, made with the perfect of flavours that are warm, creamy, milky, and filled with lots of chocolate. Although I still have a sweet tooth, as I get older, I am always looking at new ways to reinvent some of my favourite recipes.

I stumbled across the delicious Jax Coco water back in September during the Toronto International Film Festival. After one sip, I was hooked! But after hearing about their Jax Coco Chocolate Coconut Water I just had to try their Hot Toddy recipe. Balancing the spicy notes of chai tea with the natural sweetness of the Jax Coco Chocolate Coconut Water, this Hot Toddy is my new go to drink to keep warm after a winter adventure in the cold.

Jax Chocolate Chai Hot Toddy

1 cup of Jax Coco Chocolate Coconut Water
1 cup of water
2 chocolate chai tea bags (I choose to use the Tazo Chai Tea from Starbucks)
2 oz Baileys Irish Cream

  1. Make a strong cup of tea using two of your favourite chocolate chai tea bags and one cup of boiling waters
  2. Add your steeped tea into a saucepan and fill it with one cup of Jax Coco Chocolate and bring the liquid to a boil.
  3. Once it is hot, remove the saucepan from the hear and pour the mixture into two mugs.
  4. Add an ounce of Baileys Irish Cream to each much. Stir and enjoy!

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