Wavelength Festival 2016: Day Two, Part One

Wavelength is known for its well-curated lineups that bring you new and special acts all in one spot. Case in point was the first part of Day Two of Wavelength’s 2016 Festival. It began with Partner. Hailing from Sackville, New Brunswick, Partner actually played two shows on the same day for Wavelength, one acoustic and then one electric for the Saturday night show. Without their regular electric guitars the acoustic set gave more prominent display to their witty lyrics, which were some of the funniest that I’ve heard in a long time—they have songs about smoking hash and about staying home and jerking off (which they played at an all ages show, no less. I feel bad for the parents who now have to explain that to their kids). What was on display were well-crafted songs with lyrics that were instantly memorable. I would refer to them as the lesbian Green Day, but that wouldn’t be cool if I did it, and besides, they beat me to it.

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Steve Lambke, lead singer of The Constantines, performing a solo set, followed Partner. The set was simple and pared down, with everyone sitting on the ground. The set was very quiet and intimate and made me think that it was Sunday afternoon. Tamara Lindeman of The Weather Station joined Lambke onstage and her beautiful voice provided some wonderful harmonies. Songs like ‘Every Age Must Pass’ and ‘I Know You Well’ felt more like conversations about important personal topics then they did songs.

Next was Merganzer, led by Mika Posen, whose eerily beautiful and haunting vocals and technical wizardry created a narrow sphere that was palpable. Merganzer created worlds in which you felt you could walk around and textures that told stories. It changed the 610 Markham Street venue from an awkward venue (it was long rather than wide, like a proper stage should be) into a new world.

For in an interview with Merganzer’s Mika Posen, click here

The final act of the Saturday afternoon was Brooklyn’s Foxes In Fiction. I had mistaken this act for group with at least two people and keyboards. Instead it was one man with one guitar. How he got those wondrous evocative and cascading sounds from a guitar is beyond me but it sounded like some of M83’s best work.

Foxes In Fiction at Wavelength 2016. Taken by the author.

Foxes In Fiction at Wavelength 2016. Taken by the author.

Wavelength always has different environments in mind with their lineups, and Saturday afternoon was a success of ambient and acoustic intimacy.

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