Waxing the Winter Blues Away at Fuzz Wax Bar

Winter usually means neglecting all that fuzz on your body, but this year instead of letting the winter take over I decided that bikini season sound be year round! Lucky for us Fuzz Wax Bar specializes in quick and well done waxing treatments. This boutique chain of wax bars located in and around the GTA offers extremely clean & private rooms in a gorgeous setting. I was lucky enough to visit the Oakville location, located in the Olde Oakville Plaza to get my waxing in check before the holidays.

Since they are known for bridging the gap between efficiency and quality, something that was definitely lacking in the Toronto market, I decided that there was only one service to truly test out – The Brazilian. For those who are unsure of what a Brazilian is – basically it is leaving all nether regions completely bare. This was not my first time to the rodeo, so I ensured that before my appointment I exfoliated the evening before and ensured I did not put any lotion on the day of. The first main difference I found upon entering Fuzz was the sheer professionalism I was met with upon reception, and how clean the facilities were.

I would suggest that anyone who has a low tolerance for pain can take ibuprofen an hour before appointments, but I won’t lie I literally called my friends the minute my appointment was over to express how great my technician was and the fact I legitimately was not in ANY pain throughout the service. As my technician put it, the reason why I didn’t feel as much pain as I had in past experiences, was partially due to the hard wax they use from Europe and partially from the techniques in place to ensure there is minimal pain and swelling after. Each technician is trained in the same techniques so quality of service is maintained between each technician.

The thing that really made Fuzz stand out to me was the quality and quantity of services offered for both men and women, with *gasp* completely reasonable price points. Many places that offer waxing services can charge a pretty penny for just a simple brow wax, however, since Fuzz offers waxing services explicitly they are able to maintain much more affordable price points. Another great option they have for long term clients is membership packages that offer perks like discounted rates & one bikini wax included per month for as little as $35/month!

Now, if you haven’t checked out all the services they offer let me tell you about the most unique service I have ever heard of! It’s called a Vajacial. Ya! You heard me a VA-JAY-CIAL! AKA a 6 step process that is essentially like a facial but on the areas surrounding your vagina. This services boasts on helping prevent bumps and ingrown hairs, brightening and softening your delicate skin and reducing the look of any impurities.

Not only does Fuzz Wax Bar offer amazing waxing services they also offer great after care and maintenance products for at home care. Some of our favourites were the Merben Bikini Dry Brush, Coola SPF 30 Citrus Mimosa Moisturizer & I Love My Mush Fresh Wipes. I seriously can’t wait to book my next appointment!

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