What to Wear on Television

Today, Heather Greenwood Davis shared her thoughts on “The ‘daunting’ destinations that are worth the visit” on The Social. As a fellow travel writer, it is always great to hear her tips and tricks to navigating the world of travel.

But, when planning for your next on-air segment, it is important to pick the right outfit that looks great on television as well. Earlier that week we dropped by Ann Taylor to find the perfect look. Before picking out an outfit, figure out the layout for the interview. Will you be sitting or standing? What is the backdrop? What is the dress code? Try and offer a little variety in your style to what the hosts wear and pick something that reflects your personal style too. When picking out a dress or skirt, consider whether or not your legs are showing to determine how long the hemline of your dress should be. A little trick, if you are opting to wear a patterned dress on camera, ground the colours a little by pairing it with a solid coloured blazer or wearing a patterned skirt with a solid shirt (or vice versa). This will help the prints not look too busy on camera. Be sure to also pick an outfit the fits well and helps you look the part!

Here’s what Heather wore on The Social:
imageService (1)
Jacquard Sleeveless Pipped Sheath Dress
imageService (2)
All Season Stretch One Button JacketĀ 
Eryn Leather Kitten Heels

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