What’s your style age?

Day after day we are told to dress our age. But what if our personal style doesn’t always correspond with our actually age? The other week, I had the chance to sit down with style expert Lynn Spence to learn how your personal style can evolve with you with age to help find cuts and colours that compliment your look. I’ve pulled together a timeless look from Olsen and Geox that will look great, at any age. The key is to find clothes that fit well around your form (instead of tight, revealing clothes that can often look younger) to create a balance in your look. Invest in staple pieces that you can mix and match to add more versatility to your wardrobe. So without further aideu, I bring you my perfect winter work outfit for any age with some styling tips from Lynn!
Asymmetrical-Cloth-Coat-599-HIOlsen Asymmetrical Coat
Classic with a twist. If you feel you need to move in a more classic direction but are a fashion rebel at heart, incorporate one piece that stays true to your younger self.” – Lynn Spence

Tiny-Paisley-Print-Shirt-119-HIOlsen Tiny Paisley Print Shirt
If you love following the trends, do it! Just pare down the bells and whistles. If frills are all the rage this season by all means wear them, but a blouse that has a simple frill at the neckline or cuffs may be preferable to layers of frills.” -Lynn Spence
Tweed-Skirt-149-HIOlsen Tweed Skirt
If pencil skirts are your go-to staple but are starting to feel constricted, try an A-line silhouette instead. It is more forgiving and looks just as great with flats as it does with heels.” -Lynn Spence
D44W1A0KF38_C9309_0Geox Caroline Pump

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